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    Brick Pavers Prices: Saving dollars through one brick at a time

    Brick Pavers PricesThere are many types of pavers which could be used when paving an exterior surface, but the most common among all of these is the brick pavers because it is durable and does not need constant maintenance unlike other types of pavers. But perhaps the biggest selling point of brick pavers is that it is the cheapest among all types of pavers. Technological advancements in the field of construction have allowed for the swift mass production of bricks which have made brick pavers’ prices much lower compared to other pavers such as natural stone and concrete.

    Brick pavers’ prices, however, vary depending on the construction company, so it would be best to compare the prices of various companies before deciding which set of prices would suit the homeowner’s budget best. Brick pavers are commonly bought by homeowners in bulk, and brick pavers’ prices are usually given per square foot, which ranges from $5-$15. Now when broken down into the individual bricks, the range would be from $0.50 to $3 per brick. Other determinants of the brick pavers’ prices would be the size, color, style, as well as the design of the bricks which will be bought, if the homeowner opts not to buy the regular-sized and colored bricks.

    It is worthy of mention that the aforementioned bricks pavers’ prices do not include the installation of the bricks and only covers their purchase. However, this does not pose any problem to some homeowners, as they have taken matters into their own hands by Brick Pavers Prices designdoing the installation of pavers by themselves, which allows them to save money from hiring contractors.

    And as mentioned before, once the installations of the brick pavers are done, then they only need minimal cleaning and maintenance as they are known to withstand weather conditions as well as intense pressure. This is truly not bad considering the fact that bricks pavers’ prices are cheaper by about a dollar per brick compared to other surfaces which could also be used for paving.

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